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werken 6
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The anniversary edition of werken magazine is dedicated to Timo Lenzen, a graphic designer and artist from Frankfurt. His works are characterised by sharp light and dark contrasts and architecture-inspired, surreal image constructions. Lenzen’s play with spatiality in black and white and/or bold colours creates an extraordinary and moving atmosphere.  

For the sixth edition of werken magazine, Timo Lenzen has created an exclusive image-motif, which is augmented by Bureau Mitte’s unusual print concept: The anniversary edition is published as a poster-size A0 format, and is mailed folded into an envelope that comes with its own print design. One side of the poster shows an overview of Lenzen’s work, the other features his unique motif spread across the entire paper surface area. The poster has been conceived in such a way that a variety of folds allow for a series of very individual constellation of the image motif.

werken 6 is available as a limited edition of one hundred prints.